Fruit Slingshot

You’ve Never Seen Food This Fast

Watch the juices fly as pieces of fruit smash into each other in Fruit Slingshot, one of our favorite games that encourages you to play with your food! Load up your cute little blueberry, pull back the string, and let her rip at your targets. When you bullseye any kind of fruit, be sure to get the star coins afterwards, because if you don’t have enough, you aren’t moving on to the next level. 

Become A Fruit Slingshot Marksman

Fruit launching experts use two pro tips to help them ace levels in this game. First and foremost, if you don’t pull the slingshot back so far, you can possibly hit your target on the way down as well as the way up. Also, you can bank your shot off the walls if you need to. While you’re getting creative in this Fruit Slingshot game, remember to have fun playing with your food!