Who Has Time For Cutting Boards?

When you’re an eagle-eyed samurai looking to sharpen your skills and your blade, like in this fruit slasher game, you have no time for pleasantries. Don’t worry about cutting boards or plates, because the fruit will be coming at you way too quickly for you to dawdle! Tap (or click) and drag to tear through the air with a vicious strike. Slice as many pieces of fruit as you can. If you miss three pieces or hit a bomb, you’re done!

Hack And Slash Your Way To The Fruit Slasher Scoreboard

Wondering why you’ve been slicing all day without setting a new record? Well, if you’re that skilled with the blade, you should start to work on your combos. That’s right – slice two or more pieces of fruit with the same stroke and enjoy a generous arcade-style bonus. That’s your one and only fruit slasher tip – now get to slashing!