Fruit Chef

One Man, One Blade, Hundreds Of Fruits

Even a master Fruit Chef needs a little help when he has to slice hundreds of items in a limited time. Get ready to hack and slash at all manner of flying fruits in this addicting and fast-paced game. As the fruit sails through the air, come down on it with a swift strike to slice it quickly. You’re in a big hurry, so you might accidentally toss some unwanted items into the air – make sure not to slice any animals, stuffed or real. If you miss more than three pieces of fruit, you’re done for! 

Help Fruit Chef Upgrade His Gear

Your starting knife will get the job done, but it’s not pretty. Keep slicing and dicing to get a sweet upgrade! With a better knife, you’ll be able to score points that much faster. Another way to grab some extra points in Fruit Chef is to slice two or more fruits with a single motion. Think you have the quickest blade in the kitchen? Then boot up this Fruit Chef game and prove it.