One Wrong Move And You Croak!

Your task is a challenging one in Froggee, the hilarious single-player game that requires reflexes as quick as our main character’s spring-loaded legs. Hop from lily pad to lily pad as you gobble up flies and star tokens for points. It sounds easy enough, but there are plenty of ways to lose. Fall below the edge of the screen, get eaten by an alligator, or smash into some thorny vines and you will find yourself hitting the restart button.

Help Froggee Gain Some Serious Altitude

He can’t fly, but he has us fooled. Our amphibian friend loves to bound around in the clouds, and he needs your help! Eventually, the lily pads become floating platforms. You may have to bounce off of the walls, literally, to make it to a higher area. However you do it is up to you, as long as you’re having a great time playing this Froggee Game.