Frog Rush

Who Knew Frogs Could do That?

In this Frog Rush game, our green buddies go from tadpole, to little frog, to big frog and then to a ribbiting bomb! That’s right, you’ve got the special serum designed to make them grow, and just one drop is enough for the big ones to pop. You only have a drop or two for each level, though, so be careful who you give it to. If you don’t pop every frog, you lose!

Make Each Attempt Count in Frog Rush

Not only do you have to clear all of these froggy guys off the board, you have to do it in a limited amount of moves if you want three stars. Our advice? Dedicate some time before each level to thinking up a logical plan. Once a frog pops, it sends drops of the serum in horizontal and vertical lines, so use that to plan your Frog Rush strategy.