Forest Warrior

Let The Arrows Fly

Little did the paratroopers know when they “dropped in” to take the forest that there would be a fearsome Forest Warrior waiting for them. Your task is no small one, however, as dozens and dozens of troopers are descending on your precious territory with the intent to capture it. Raise and lower your “crow’s nest” to dodge incoming grenades as you loose arrow after arrow at these honor-less colonizers!

Defend Your Home In Forest Warrior

If they block your arrows, go for their parachute strings! If they sling grenades at you, move up and down to dodge them. If they swarm you, look for the explosive arrow and make that shot count! A perfectly aimed explosive arrow can wipe an entire squadron of enemy soldiers. Ready to test your aim with a bow? Load up our Forest Warrior game, get in the crow’s nest and defend your home.