Flying Santa Gifts

Santa Has Seriously Upgraded His Gear

In our Flying Santa Gifts game, Santa has traded his reindeer-driven sleigh in for something with a little bit more oomph: a jetpack! Sail over snow-topped peaks as you gather up as many presents as you can for the good little boys and girls in this survival game. Rest assured, not everyone loves the holiday season – many flying monsters will try to stop you. Avoid them at all costs and your score will climb up and up.

Be A Christmas Hero In Flying Santa Gifts

If you come across a magnet, grab it! You will instantly collect all presents on the screen while taking out all enemies. Better yet, if you can find yourself a shield, you’ll be able to breathe easy for several seconds. Just cruise around and let the monsters crash into you. If you collect enough presents in Flying Santa Gifts, you’ll be the hero of the holidays!