Flood Escape

It’s High Tide and Then Some in Flood Escape!

The one bad thing about living in an island paradise? When the ocean decides to go a little overboard, you’re going to have to get creative. In Flood Escape, that’s exactly what happened, and you need to stay above water. The flood is raging, so be quick! Stack extra platforms on top of your house in this Flood Escape game. Wait until each platform is directly aligned over the one below it, then tap or click. The higher you go, the more points you score. It sounds easy, right? Well, there’s one tricky part.. 

Every Millimeter Counts

Every time you stop the moving platform so that you can add it on to your flood-escape tower, whatever is hanging over the edge gets cut off! You don’t have time to move and reshape everything, so that’s the price you pay. This means, if you don’t want that tower to get skinnier and skinnier, you will have to have perfect timing. Everybody messes up eventually. The point is to make it for as long as you can before that happens. There are plenty of power-ups, perks and bonuses in this flood escape game that will help you increase your high score, though. Think you have championed the flood? Why not give Blue Box 2 a go?

Use Power-Ups and Spin That Wheel 

Didn’t quite make it as high as you would have liked? That’s okay. Wring out your sopping wet clothes and load up this Flood Escape game for another go-round. For each and every attempt, you earn some coins. You can use those coins to buy extra lives, slow-motion power-ups and even double point multipliers. It’s not cheating, you earned them! Oh, and did we mention you can spin a wheel every ten minutes for a random bonus? Have fun in flood escape, and remember – water is not your friend! Looking for more fun? Head on over to our physics games category and put you skills to the test.