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Flip Bottle Is a Show-Off’s Paradise!

When your friends get sick of watching you flip that half-filled bottle, don’t worry, you can do it for as long as you want in Flip Bottle! This water bottle challenge turns a boring, ordinary object into the hero of an epic journey for speed and style. In this game, every water bottle flip springs you forward onto a new surface. You’re trying to make your way across the room without touching the floor, and your flip bottle skills are the only way to move. Bound across shelves, picture frames, tvs, and more until you hit that checkered flag for the win!

Easy, Huh? Don’t Get Excited…

Made it across, did ya? That’s excellent and all, but that’s just one level. This water bottle flip game is packed with dozens of levels that get tougher and tougher as you progress. You might be thinking, “How could they make it harder? It’s just jump or double jump, right?” On the contrary, this flip the bottle game has found many creative ways to challenge our little plastic hero as he bravely bounds his way across the stage.  

Creaky Shelves

This is a perfect example of the subtle ways that this Bottle Flip game gets tougher on you. You know those shelves you’ve been so expertly flipping on and off of? Well, the longer you play, the more creaky ones you will find! Someone didn’t hammer them in quite hard enough, and as soon as you land, they start to tilt! If you don’t want to slide off, you’re going to have to adjust on the fly. You never know which shelf might be creaky, so this mechanic will keep you on your toes! If you had toes, that is.

Longer Levels

Combine the unsteady terrain with longer and longer levels, and you’ll be experiencing the “sweaty palm” effect in no time. Lots of games have it. For the first few levels, you laugh at how easy the game is, but as it goes on, you grow quieter and more focused because it gets harder and harder. This bottle flip challenge game does an excellent job of creating the sweaty palms effect by making each level longer without checkpoints. Bring a towel!

Can You Unlock All the Bottles?

Oh, we didn’t even mention that you can unlock sweet new characters in this bottle flip online game! For each level passed, you get a little loot. There are tons of bottles to choose from, so it will take you a while to earn them all. Once you do, you’ll be in command of the bravest band of plastic heroes known to mankind. You’ll be the bottle flipping grandmaster!

How to Keep Your Momentum Going

In most bottle flip games, whether it’s a 3d version, a happy wheels version or whatever else, the best way to keep your momentum going is to simply keep flipping as soon as you land. When it comes to your momentum as a player, the best way to keep it going is to find similar games and increase your skills. Thankfully, we have just the thing to keep you soaring through the air like a gazelle: our jumping games category! Whether you’re jumping through our category or flipping your way through Flip Bottle, remember: eyes ahead, not down.