Flappy UFO

Embark on a Quest for True Love in Flappy UFO

After spotting a gorgeous, eight-legged babe through his telescope, the star of our spaceship saga hopped in his Flappy UFO to meet her on earth! As he excitedly zooms through the cosmos, he quickly realizes that it may be a bumpy ride. The closer he gets to earth, the more junk he finds. Satellites and asteroids aren’t enough to stop this alien admirer, though.

Protect Yourself from Space Junk!

You’ll soon find out that it takes an expert pilot to make it very far in this endless arcade game. If you can find a shield, though, you can breathe easy for a few seconds. Get that token and breeze through any and all obstacles! If you can perfect your timing, you just may just beat our high score of 40. How far are you willing to go for love in this Flappy UFO game?