Flappy Bounce

Darn! I Just Inflated That Ball…

Nothing is more upsetting than pumping up a brand new ball, only to see it explode on a deadly spike in this Flappy Bounce game! That’s right, this time, you kicked it way, way over the fence. Take to the skies and find your way back to your yard by navigating through these dangerous spike traps. Every tap or click is a bounce. Time it perfectly to make it through.

Show Us Your Best Flappy Bounce High Score.

After one or two attempts, you should be getting better at flying through these scary spikes without sending your ball to an explosive end. If you can make it through ten, you’re doing okay. Twenty is not bad. If your high score gets beyond 50, then we will be the ones asking you for tips! Good luck with Flappy Bounce, and remember: timing is the key.