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Find The Difference Halloween

Find The Difference Halloween

The Treacherous Pipe Maze Awaits

Okay, showoff, you can juggle the Flappy Ball for a long time, but can you do it through a dangerous maze of pipes? These obstacles aren’t predictable, either – you will have to adjust the height of each kick to dip under and fly over these formidable obstacles. It’s all about timing and confidence, my friend. Take a round or two to practice, and then start thinking about an unbeatable high score, eh?

Keep Flappy Ball Flapping And Away From Danger

The best way to keep the ball away from the obstacles is to look ahead. If you pay attention, you will be able to see the next two or three sets of pipes. Prepare yourself, time the kicks perfectly, and keep that ball between the pipes! We are proud to say that our Flappy Ball game high score of 42 is unbeatable – or is it?