Fidget Spinner Mania

Smooth Bearings and Quick Hands

Boredom will soon be a thing of the past with this Fidget Spinner Mania game, where you’ll never lose a spinner again! That’s right, this one stays with your device, and you can spin it whenever you want. It’s simple: swipe to spin, and see how many rotations you can achieve. The more rotations, the more loot you earn. Fill the meter to gain score multipliers, and use your coins to unlock awesome upgrades and new spinners!

Show Us Your Fidget Spinner Mania High Score!

After a few rounds, you’ll have enough loot to increase your top speed and reduce your friction. You have five swipes to go as far as you can, so show us what you’ve got. Can you make it past 100 spins? How about 150 spins? Load Fidget Spinner Mania up and start practicing, or you’ll never catch up to our score!