Fairy Princesses

Is Royalty In Your Blood?

Do you and your friends like to dress up or imagine yourselves as Fairy Princesses? In this game, you’ll get to experience what an ordinary day in the life of a winged heiress is really like. Collect flowers as you fly around gracefully across a beautiful meadow. Even a fairy’s life has challenges, however. If you come across any particularly aggressive bees, make sure to avoid their nasty stingers!  Also, watch out for giant mushroom stalks – they aren’t very forgiving if you fly into one.

Flutter Around Like Real Fairy Princesses

If you can gather a lot of flowers and make it through multiple levels, you’ll see your score rise into the hundreds! Make sure that you are always looking for bees while you are collecting flowers, or you may be in for an unwanted surprise. Happy fluttering, and may you collect many beautiful flowers in this Fairy Princesses game.