Evil Wyrm

A Slumbering Beast Has Been Awoken…

Set out on the ultimate quest in this Evil Wyrm game, which challenges you to take on a vile beast that can vaporize you in a flash of heat. You play a hero, chosen by Odin to use his staff against this giant Wyrm. You must collect gems while avoiding the piercing gaze of this yellow-eyed behemoth. Use cover and time your runs perfectly to avoid being fried to a crisp!

Harness The Power Of Odin To Destroy The Evil Wyrm!

Once you collect enough gems, you’ll be able to challenge the Wyrm himself. Until then, you will have to follow Odin’s every command. Don’t worry – if you are killed by the beast, Odin will be able to revive you. If you never get the gems, however, you won’t be able to challenge this mighty enemy. So run, jump, hide, and be brave! The Evil Wyrm will show you no mercy.