Evil Robot

You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me - Not Again!

Those big, battery-operated bullies are at it again in this Evil Robot game! They kidnapped your girlfriend a second time, and they won’t let her go without a fight. Get ready for hours of classic arcade action. You’ll be running, shooting robotic enemies, and leaping heroically across platforms to save your beloved. No time to look for the off switch - just shoot everyone (and everything) in your way! If they don’t get out of the way, it’s their problem.

Show that Evil Robot What You’re Made Of

This time, when you take out that clunky pile of nuts and bolts, you’re going to make sure he stays down for good. One thing we love about this game is the dramatic storyline. You’ve got everything to lose, and you will do anything to get your girl back! Now go get that Evil Robot, hero.