Escape The Fuzz

Help These “Professional Borrowers” Escape The Fuzz!

In this Escape The Fuzz game, it’s not the robbery that’s the challenging and fun part – it’s what happens after! You and your buddies just came crashing out of the bank doors with bags full of cold hard cash. You got the money, but the bank manager called the police, and they’re on their way! You will need some seriously fancy driving skills to escape them. Of course, you may not have to escape them at all…

Give Those Coppers A Surprise

If you’re lucky and quick enough to find a powerup, grab it! This will turn your zippy getaway car into a huge steamroller. Turn around and watch those coppers gasp as you flatten their cars! Have your fun when you can, though, because this effect is temporary. After that’s over with, grab the rest of the cash that spilled onto the road and Escape The Fuzz!