Egypt Stone War

Defend Your Tower Against Ruthless Enemies

Load the catapult and aim true in Egypt Stone War, because hordes of attackers are trying to destroy your fortress! You will have to have lightning quick reflexes and a good eye in this game because enemies will pop up in different locations. They will quickly load their catapults and hurl huge boulders at your fortress. If you are to have any chance of surviving, you’ll need to hit them first and smash their catapults! Draw the catapult back too far and you will overshoot your target. Not far enough and the stone will dip below them.  

Win The Egypt Stone War

The trick to surviving a long time in Egypt Stone War involves more than just shooting accurately. If you see a stone coming for your fortress, you have two options. You can either bullseye it with a stone of your own or pop on your shield. Use the shield sparingly, however, because you only have so many. Now that you have that pro tip, go try it out in our Egypt Stone War game!