Dumb Ways To Die

What A Way to Go Out…

How do you picture your last day alive? A peaceful evening at home, surrounded by friends and family? Maybe you prefer to just ride off into the sunset and never come back. Well, in these online games, you’re in for a much less peaceful sendoff. Prepare to be trampled, burned, stabbed, bitten, and who knows what else in Dumb Ways to Die! This free game is made up of several minigames that you only have a couple seconds to play. Your mission? Don’t die, of course! It may sound easy, but when you’re shoved into a washing machine or staring down a deadly snake, you’ll have to be quick and clever to survive.

Survive, Score, and Unlock Your Buddies!

Sure, you may have a deadly disaster waiting for you at every turn, but there’s good news, too. If you score enough points by surviving these situations, you’ll earn new characters! You have three lives, and each time you die, you’ll lose points (as well as a life). Each time you live, you’ll earn points towards a new character. You’ll start out with Dunce, but you’ll soon be joined by Hapless, Bungle, and an entire cast of not-so-smart “heroes.” Hey, we didn’t say you’d be earning some kind of super squad, okay? What your team lacks in brains, they make up for in personality. 

Think Those Are Dumb Ways to Die? Check This Out!

This online game is free and totally unblocked, so you’ll be able to play for hours and hours. When you’re ready for even more craziness, though, check out Dumb Ways to Die 2You’ll have to scramble your way through an entirely new set of challenges if you want to make it far in this deadly sequel. Our tip for making it through these death traps? First, memorize how each game works. Finally, be ready for anything!