Duck Shooter

Let’s Make Those Feathers Fly!

Those smug little ducks are taunting you as they zip from side to side in this Duck Shooter game! They don’t think you’re quick enough on the draw to peg them. Well, it’s time to show them just how itchy your trigger finger really is. Aim and fire at as many ducks as you can before they scooch themselves off-screen, but remember to avoid the red ones! If you hit an egg, though, then you’re really in trouble (game over)!

Enjoy Classic, Skill-Based Gameplay In Duck Shooter

Why is this one of our favorite action games? Because every shot and every second counts. For each duck you hit, you will gain a precious second on the clock. The game doesn’t hold your hand either; you start out with only 7 seconds!  The best we could manage so far is 24 ducks – can you beat our Duck Shooter high score, ace?