Drip Drop

Rain, Rain, Go Away…

As if it wasn’t hard enough staying on this platform, now you have to deal with rain in this Drip Drop game! Help our happy ball dodge the raindrops without falling off the platform in this funny physics game. Tap and hold to tilt the surface. If you see a sun icon, make sure to tap it! It will make the rain clouds disappear for a short while. How do you get a high score? Just stay on!

Skill is Key in Drip Drop

It’s tempting to swing the platform really hard, but that won’t land you a high score. If you want to last more than 20 seconds, you will have to master the art of the tiny adjustment. A little roll here, a tiny slide there, and you’ve got it down. Why do we love this game so much? Just play Drip Drop, and after a few laughs, you’ll get it.