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Do you remember charades from your childhood, where you got a word and you had to act it out in front of friends or family? is a game that allows you to play this beloved game in digital format! Play with people from all around the world or make a private game and draw your words! Try to solve what other players are drawing before anyone else guesses first.

Who can play

  • Ages 9 and up

  • Difficulty level - easy

How to play the game

  • Select whether you want to play in an online match or host a private game for your friends/family

  • If you are the artist of the round, choose a word

  • Use the colors and drawing tools available on the right side of the screen to draw the word you chose

  • When another player is drawing, try to guess what they are trying to picture by writing your guess in the chatbox at the bottom of the screen

  • At the top of the screen, the amount of letters is given

  • With time, the game will show some of the letters of the word(s)


  • Left mouse click

  • Keyboard 

About the drawing game

You don't need to be an artist to have fun and enjoy this game! In the gaming world everyone is an artist, so keep on drawing with our collection of fun drawing games. One game that might catch your interest is Draw climber, where you must draw legs for a character to move forward with. Give this funny game a go!

However, if what attracted you to is the option to play together with friends, we have more multiplayer games! See our category of Apart Together games which you can play with friends.


  • Play with real people

  • Choose from five languages to play the game in

  • Use many intuitive tools for drawing

  • Receive hints when guessing words

  • Chat with other players

  • Host private game matches

  • Collect points and win rewards


Web browser (mobile and desktop)

Release date

October 2020

Developer was developed by DRA


  • What is is a fun drawing game where you can guess what other people are drawing, as well as try to depict words given to you.

  • How do you guess on
    Click in the chatbox and type in a guess, then hit enter.