Dragon Climb

Nobody Loves Gold More Than Dragons!

It’s no secret that men are greedy, but in this Dragon Climb game, you’ll learn just how far dragons are willing to go for their precious treasure. This fire-breather has followed a trail of gold to a massive underground cavern. Get those wings warmed up, because you’ll need to fly your way through floor after floor to get these magical, floating coins. Are you up to the task?

How Many Floors Can You Survive in Dragon Climb?

Oh, and did we mention that the walls of this cavern are lined with deadly spikes? You can’t fly straight up, so you’ll have to bank off of each wall in a zig-zag fashion while steering clear of these pointy hazards. It will take perfect timing and plenty of skill to make it through ten floors of this jumping game. If you can make 20 floors in Dragon Climb, you’re a treasure-hunting champion!