Double Stickman

Easy With One, Very Hard With Two

Our Double Stickman game challenges you to control two players at the same time! Sure, you may be great at sprinting and jumping past obstacles, but can you clone yourself and do just as well? We think not. If you want to prove us wrong, you will have to quickly tap each half of the screen to perfectly time both characters’ jumps. Hop from platform to platform and make sure to keep up – the little guy is quick!

Leap Into A Double Stickman High Score

If you can manage to get into a rhythm, you just may start to climb the leaderboards. A truly gifted stickman player will be able to achieve triple-digit high scores. The trick is to only watch one half of the screen and trust that the other half will follow. If you’re a chameleon, though, you can watch both screens. In fact, we are fairly certain that the current Double Stickman Game record is held by a chameleon.