Dotted Alphabet

Learn While You Play

If you like to learn while you play games, then Dotted Alphabet is the perfect choice for you. Watch as the alphabet tumbles onto the screen and pick the letter that you want to start with. Letters like “L” and “I” are easier at the beginning because you will have to accurately trace the patterns according to the instructions. Take your time and focus, because if you don’t fill in the bubbles completely, you won’t get the credit!  

Make It Through The Entire Dotted Alphabet

Getting the hang of the easy letters already? Then take on the more complicated ones, like “M” and “Q.” While it’s great to concentrate as you are tracing the letters, you don’t have forever. Be quick and confident as you follow along and you will master the technique. After each letter is completed, you will learn a word that starts with that letter. Fancy yourself an expert already? Then complete all 26 letters in this Dotted Alphabet game!