Donut Shooter

The Most Delicious Bubble Shooter Yet

No, you're not dreaming, donuts are really falling from the sky in this Donut Shooter game! Line up your shot, match 3, and they will drift down like a sugary snow storm. This arcade game provides hours of bubble shooter fun, especially if you love tasty treats - and who doesn't? It will take three to pop these fried rings for points, but if you can get four or five, even better!

Show Off Your Sweet Donut Shooter High Score

If you really want to become a bubble shooter champion, you will have to take advantage of power-ups. Wait...that’s not a donut. Next in line is a bomb! If you place it just right, it can take out a huge chunk of the playing field. Our favorite feature in this game is the power-up cooldown. You can reuse each one after a short time period. Aim well, Donut Shooter.