Don't Touch the Hooks

Don’t Touch the Hooks, or You’re Dinner!

It will take plenty of skill and courage to survive in this Don’t Touch the Hooks game, which speaks for itself. On the one hand (or fin, rather), you love worms. On the other, if you get hooked, you’re done for! That’s not the only challenge you face in this jumping game, though. Swim too high and a pelican will scoop you up in no time. Swim too low and a creepy tentacle will pull you into the deep! Be careful, little guy.

Unlock an Entire Crew of Fishy Friends

Once you grab enough worms, you can start unlocking more fish to join your crew. In fact, there are 39 to unlock, a feature that we really enjoy about this game. This makes us want to get a high score for bragging rights and to unlock awesome characters. Have fun slurping up those wriggling worms, and remember: Don’t Touch the Hooks!