Don't Crash The Car

Wait, Isn’t That the Wrong Way?

Ever since you started racing, everyone tried to explain to you that you’re supposed to go counter-clockwise, but in Don’t Crash The Car, you don’t care. You’re a rebel racer dying to show off! Your opponent will be speeding at you constantly, so you have to make sure you’re in the other lane. Are you quick enough, hot shot?

It’s Simple. Don’t Crash The Car!

It seems easy, but after you make it past the first few laps, you and your opponent will both pick up speed until you’re almost a blur. If you want to last a little longer, look for power ups. You can shield yourself from a crash or slow down the pace. Just don’t take your eyes off of your rival racer for too long, or you’ll be smashed to smithereens! How many laps will you burn through in this Don’t Crash The Car game?