Dogi Bubble Shooter

Hear that Cannon Boom in Dogi Bubble Shooter!

You’re the commander in this Dogi Bubble Shooter game, and the thundering cannon is your weapon. Aim you colored cannonball to smash into two or more of the same color. If you can bullseye your target, POP! You’ve earned yourself some points. Don’t celebrate too early, however, because these targets never stop coming. Prepare yourself for classic bubble shooter action!

Sometimes, Simplest is Best

It’s always fun to use power ups, bonuses, and special features, but sometimes, you just want to relax with an easy game. This is why we love the simplistic style of this arcade game. It still requires thinking, but you only have to focus on one thing - smashing those targets! Just make sure you don’t miss, otherwise your high score won’t be very impressive. Load up Dogi Bubble Shooter today, and show us what you can do with that cannon!