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Dino Jump

Why Did the Dino Cross the River?

Of course, the punch line normally goes, “To get to the other side,” but in this Dinosaur Jumping game, there is no other side! That’s right, the pond that you’re on is an endless one indeed. All you can do is hop your way across platforms, tadpoles, miniature icebergs and other surfaces until you run out of time. Here’s the deal: you can either do a small hop (next platform) or a large hop (skips a platform). You’ll need to use both of them if you don’t want to go for a dip. This dinosaur isn’t exactly a strong swimmer. 

The Most Important Dino Jump Tip

It can be really hard choosing which jump to use at first, because the platforms are all random. It might be two in a row and then a gap, just one, four in a row and then a gap, and so on. You have to go super fast so that you can grab those clocks and keep the timer alive, so the best thing to do is to look ahead. If you always look ahead, you’ll be able to keep the next move or two in your memory so that you don’t have to make a split decision. Once we started using this trick, our high score doubled!

We Dare You to Beat Our High Score!


Speaking of high scores, we are so proud of our Dino Jump record that we simply can’t not brag about it. Alright, here it comes: 201. That’s right, we made 201 consecutive jumps without falling in the water or running out of time. It took a lot of practice, but by looking ahead and grabbing those clocks, we did it! We officially challenge you to a dinosaur jumping game score-off! Can you knock our awesome high score off the leaderboard?Already topped the highscore board? Fear not! have a wide selection of highscore-games. So what are you waiting for? Head on over there now!