Dino Jump

Play our Fun Dino Jump Game

Dino Jump is an arcade platform game where your challenge is to get the highest score by jumping from platform to platform. Guide the cute dinosaur across the river before the clock runs out. Use wooden planks, leaves, ice block, and colorful beach balls to help your dinosaur jump safely between the platforms without plunging directly into the water. As you progress across the river, your dino will even evolve and take on a new and cooler appearance!

Perfect Mix of Simplicity and Precision Skills

The controls in our version of the classic jumping dino game couldn’t be any simpler. Use the double jump action when you want your dino to jump between big gaps in the platforms, and use the single jump action when you want your dino to jump only once. But don’t let the simplicity fool you. Dino Jump is a challenging and awesome skill game that requires precision and fast thinking! You need to tap fast, always be on your toes, and not least able to find the right flow, if you want any chance of achieving a good high score!

Fast Thinking Required

If you are into fun gameplay, tricky challenges, and jumping dinosaur games, you’ve come to the right place. Prepare to think fast and immerse yourself in our cool Dino Jump game. Help your cute dinosaur safely across the river, and remember to capture the alarms clocks whenever they show up to earn some valuable extra time for your run. How far can you get?