Diamond Match

Diamond Match Adds a Fun “Spin” to Match-3 Games

You’ve played matching games before, but not like this Diamond Match game. Most of the time, it’s flipping tiles or shooting bubbles. This game takes a totally different approach, and we love it! Rotate the inner ring to position the diamonds that stick out of it. When you’re ready, launch those multi-colored gems into the empty spaces. You have to get three or more next to each other to make a match and clear some room.

Think Before you Shoot!

This may sound easy, but just wait until there are six diamonds of different colors in play! You really have to plan each move so that you don’t run out of empty spaces. If a space is already full, the diamond lined up with it won’t shoot, so keep that in mind. Keep grouping those colors together, and you just may beat our Diamond Match high score of 52.