Defenders Mission

Become Earth’s Savior In Defenders Mission

In Defenders Mission, you have volunteered to be the first one to take to the skies and clash head-to-head with a fearsome horde of alien invaders. Good thing you’re an expert pilot, because you’re going to put your skills to the test. Dodge and weave between enemy fighters as you take out as many as you can. Collect supply crates to strengthen Earth’s resistance and survive long enough to win!  

Take Out Wave After Wave Of Enemy Fighters

Find yourself surrounded by a squadron of enemy fighters? There’s only one way to ensure your survival – find the explosives! If you can slip between the enemy ranks to detonate the bomb, you will annihilate everyone on the screen. If you can find the shield power-up, you will be granted both a shield and an upgraded weapon. Don’t leave it up to fate alone – use everything at your disposal to take out your foes in this Defenders Mission game.