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Play Dead Zed online

The apocalypse has hit Earth and terrifying zombies are coming to attack you so use your aiming skills and shoot them dead before they reach you. Find allies and new weapons, survive huge waves of zombies and fight for human life!

Who can play Dead Zed?

  • Recommended ages 12 and up

  • Difficulty level - medium

How to play the Dead Zed game

  • Use the mouse to look around and aim

  • Press left mouse click to shoot and kill all approaching zombies

  • As the game progresses, you will find allies that you will be able to assign to different tasks like shooting, repair, and the search party based on their skills

  • Upgrade your weapons, improve your team, and kill as many zombies as possible


  • Left mouse click

About shooting game Dead Zed

The main goal of the game is to of course eliminate all the zombies. Upgrade to the more strong weapons and make sure to aim precisely! If you want to train your aim in some other games too, we recommend checking out our huge collection of fun shooting games.

The main villain of Dead Zed is the zombies - can you kill them all before they kill you? If the apocalyptic set of the game is what you are looking for, face the undead also in these other challenging zombie games. If you can't choose one to start with, we can recommend Sniper 3D City Apocalypse zombie game, where you can zoom in to be very precise with your shots!


  • 40 levels to conquer

  • Multiple weapons to choose from

  • Realistic game graphics


Web browser (mobile and desktop)

Release date

October 2020


Dead Zed was developed by 3KG Games