Only the Toughest Survive in Darwinism

If you’ve ever wondered why the dodo bird went extinct, this Darwinism game will help to break it down for you. The toughest and smartest organisms survive. Since they can live in their harsh environment, they’re able to have babies. Then, these babies adapt to their harsh environments, have more babies, and on and on. In this game, you take advantage of this concept to create your own species! Crazy, right?

Solve This Puzzle Piece by Piece, Species by Species

Of course, you can’t just squish two tadpoles together and expect to get a horse. It takes millions of years (much less time in this game, of course) to make these changes happen, so you will have to be patient. Build your way to tougher and more sophisticated species, and make sure you take care of hazardous elements so they have room to grow. Can you create the ultimate species in Darwinism?