Darwinism 2048

We’ve Hired Some...Outside Help

Since humans clearly aren’t responsible with animals, we asked our “neighbors” to help keep everyone alive in Darwinism 2048. The populations of many species are now threatened, and we need the aliens’ high-tech equipment to get the numbers back up. What took these creatures millions of years to do is taking these super-advanced aliens mere seconds! Swipe, combine two of the same creature and keep it up as long as you can.

Darwinism 2048 Will Keep You Swiping for Hours

This puzzle game is so addictive and fun that the hours will get away from you! If you’re like us, you will be dying to see what the next creature in the evolutionary lineup is. Keep smashing them together to find out, and make sure you save plenty of free slots. Will you be quick enough to save these endangered species in this Darwinism 2048 game?