Cute Animals

Slide And Match For Huge Combos!

Yes, the characters in this Cute Animals game are adorable, but they’re all over the place! If you can manage to line them in groups of three or better, you will be rewarded with points and bonuses. Each level requires you to match certain animals, whether they are chicks, cows, kitties, dolphins, or any other adorable animal. Once you’ve got enough of the correct animal, you’re onto the next level! 

Use Powerups To Help Match More Cute Animals

For high achievers, bombs, lightning bolts and special mallets are available to redeem entire lines of animals for instant points! If you see a locked item, though, be warned – you can’t slide up or down if this item is in the row. You will have to be creative to handle this extra layer of difficulty, but we know you can do it. After all, the Cute Animals need you!