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Wait, Am I Seeing Double? No, That One Has a Funny Hat…

He’s a cute little guy, but Om Nom can sure be nosey at times! Once, while he was poking around a dusty attic filled with old science equipment (probably looking for candy), he ended up getting way more than he bargained for. In fact, he slipped into a time machine and was taken back to the past! In Cut the Rope: Time Travel, you have to help our green buddy gobble up candy as usual, but this time, there’s a twist. Now, you’re visiting different Om Noms from the past as well! Each level requires you to feed present day Om Nom AND past Om Nom. That’s right – two mouths, two pieces of candy, and plenty of tricky thinking challenges ahead.

Meet a Cool Cast of Characters in Cut the Rope: Time Travel

The time machine keeps sending you to different periods, so you will only get to hang out with past Om Noms for a few levels. Once you’ve snarfed enough sugary snacks to power up the time machine again, it’s time to meet a different Om Nom from the past! We love this idea because it exposes you to new level design and new characters at the same time. The time machine’s first stop? A dusty old pirate ship from hundreds of years ago!

A Scurvy Lad

As soon as that time machine spits you back out, you find yourself staring right into the weary eyes of a tough, mustached pirate captain. Even though he’s from the past, he recognizes one of his own kind right away. “There’s no time to waste, matey,” he says, “Let’s go get some treasure!” Of course, instead of doubloons and golden saucers, he means candy!

A Talented Painter

Next, you journey to a faraway land (and time) to eventually end up in the company of a very interesting painter. He’s also a writer, a poet, and a scientist – one might even call him a “renaissance man.” For the few levels you get to play with him, you learn a lot of cool things! Mostly, though, you’re just focused on the candy. 

An Ancient Warrior

The next person you come across isn’t so focused on thinking – he’s more of a man of action. Make sure you stay on his good side, because he seems to be pretty handy with a sword! Either way, he loves candy just as much as you do. Help him gobble it up to move on to one of the many other heroes in this epic tale of time travel.

The Same Tricks You Know and Love

Jumping from time period to time period and playing with two Om Noms at the same time may be enough to make your head spin, but don’t worry – the game still works the same. Well, other than the whole double candy and double Om Nom thing. Snip the ropes. Use the blower, float up in bubbles, and so on and so forth. Each level gets a little tougher, but remember – you don’t have to do this one alone!

Keep Winning to Feed them All!

Well, you’re already stuck in a time loop, thanks to this machine. You might as well take advantage of it while you can! I mean, what better chance to learn about history’s greatest events and people then to experience them firsthand? Keep thinking your way through level after level to visit all the cool places and meet the interesting historical figures. In Cut the Rope: Time Travel, you’re helping history come to life one piece of candy at a time!