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Dust Off That Lab Coat, It’s Time for Cut the Rope: Experiments!

Om Nom has snuck his way into a cool, high-tech science laboratory! As usual, he’s on the prowl for his favorite food: candy. In Cut the Rope: Experiments, however, this candy isn’t just going to drop right into his mouth with a single snip. You will have to put your scientist’s hat on, using all kinds of cool methods and tools to get that candy to him! It wouldn’t be a science experiment if you didn’t use all kinds of fancy equipment, now would it?

Master Your Set of Tools

Don’t worry, with quick thinking and plenty of help from the nifty gadgets that you’ll come across, you should be able to solve each level with a high score of three stars. In order to accomplish that, you’ll have to become very familiar with your “equipment.” The laboratory is filled with all kinds of vials, tubes, blowers and other items. Some of them help, some of them not so much. So, what exactly can you use to help you? Let’s take a look.


This Cut the Rope: Experiments game isn’t the only one of Om Nom’s adventures that makes use of shiny bubbles. Sometimes, your candy piece will start in a bubble, and other times, you have to swing it (or air-boost it) up to the bubble. Either way, timing is the key here. Use the bubble to float up to the star, but be ready to pop it. Sometimes, if you wait too long, you’ll miss your chance at three stars!


One of our favorite features of this thinking game that makes it so fun and interactive is the blower. Sometimes, you don’t have a bubble nearby to help you float up to those stars above you. See those puffy blue things? Give them a squeeze! Each time you tap or click on them, they will emit a little puff of air that can help boost your piece of candy up into the air. Tap them really fast to swing higher and higher. Try them out, they’re a lot of fun! 

Rope Tricks and More

If you thought that the ropes were pretty straightforward, think again. This laboratory is filled with all kinds of tricky little devices that change the way the ropes work. For example, the anchor surrounded by a dotted circle can automatically rope in your candy if it falls nearby! Even more fun, you can use rope sliders to zip the already roped candy across the screen and access new areas. Just think, when you’re combining these features with bubbles AND blowers, the levels can get kind of crazy! That’s why Cut the Rope: Experiments made sure to give you access to a secret weapon…

Did You Know Om Nom Has Superpowers?

That’s right, Om Nom can move candy with his mind! You can buy superpowers to help him “hack” his way through each level with ease. Click or tap and drag across the screen to send a tractor beam from Om Nom’s mind. It will drag the candy wherever you want it to go – around obstacles, into stars, and eventually into that mouth of his! Just don’t make fun of his hat – it helps protect his identity!

Don’t Forget the Photos!

Oh right, we almost forgot. A professor in this laboratory needs your help retrieving some photos that he took for research purposes. Throughout random levels, you may notice some peculiar things in the background. Make sure to collect these hidden photos, and the professor will be super grateful! Can you fill the entire album AND beat all of these challenging levels? Load up Cut the Rope: Experiments today and show us your smarts!