Cut The Rope 2

We’ve Gone “Outside the Box” with This One!

Well, it looks like our favorite candy-loving creature finally got tired of being cooped up in his cardboard box. He’s had enough candy to grow big and strong, and now he wants to see more of the world. In Cut the Rope 2, all of Om Nom’s candy breaks are taken out in the wilderness! That’s right, he’s winding his way through a forest path, surrounded by pretty flowers, bushes, trees and mountains. The level design is completely different, but the basic gameplay is the same. Every so often, he stops for some candy. You remember this part, right? Snip the ropes, get the stars, and make sure that candy lands in Om Nom’s mouth! Of course, before you set off on your great journey, you have to look the part!

Customize Your Hero

No traveler’s getup is complete without a hat to protect him from the sun, wind and rain. Our green hero is no exception. In fact, you can choose from a whole closet of hats to look stylish while you chase after those high scores on the forest path. These hats even add energy bonuses! Are you feeling like a cool ninja mask, a fuzzy wool hat, or something a little bit weirder? Whatever your style, Cut the Rope 2 has a fun customization option for you. Alright, now that we look great, it’s time to grab that candy. Wait a second, is that piece of candy attached to a…balloon?

Face New Challenges in Cut the Rope 2 

Your objective may not have changed in this Cut the Rope 2 game, but how you achieve it certainly has. That’s right, we’re dealing with much more than ropes now. You will have to pop balloons (or snip the ropes attached to them), navigate floating platforms, and even roll lumbering logs out of your way in order to get to Om Nom! This adds a whole new level of difficulty and fun to the classic version of the game. Sometimes, you’ll even have to bring Om Nom to the candy! How can you do that, you may be wondering? Let’s just say he has some friends who would love to “give him a lift.”

Think It’s All About Stars? Think Again!

What better way to keep this skill game interesting than to add entirely new gameplay styles to each level? Now, instead of simply getting three stars for each level, you can choose between two other challenges as well! For example, you could capture as many pieces of fruit as possible while getting the candy to Om Nom (or vice versa). Also, you can race against the timer to test your speed AND get all three stars while you’re at it. There’s no end to the challenges, which is what we love about this updated version. If you can clear enough levels, you might even be lucky enough to stumble upon a treasure chest. That’s when it gets really crazy!

Earn Explosive Power-Ups and Helpful Allies!

Whether you find them in treasure chests or earn them with the cool new loot system, power-ups and hints can be super helpful as you attempt the tougher levels. You can use bombs to blast obstacles out of your way, balloons to help that candy reach higher spots, and even a little winged buddy to give you hints! The more loot you earn, the more power-ups you can buy to help you land an awesome high score. Cut the Rope 2 is filled with tons of new features, and we’re super excited for you to try them out. Let’s get that candy!