Cupid Heart

Even Cupid Needs Target Practice

Cupid wouldn’t be half the stud he is at bullseye-ing his targets’ hearts if he didn’t have our Cupid Heart game to practice with. Take aim at a selection of heart-shaped targets as you flutter about in beautiful blue skies. At first, it will be easy – you will fly up and down but the targets won’t move. After a few shots, though, your targets will begin to slide up and down as well! Can you hit the big heart in the middle? That’s where all the points are.

Challenge Yourself Or The Computer In Cupid Heart

If you feel like you’re getting the hang of it, challenge the computer and see how you fare. You shoot, he shoots, you shoot, and so forth until you’re both out of arrows and the score is tallied. If you feel really confident, you can even challenge a friend!  Are you ready to fall in love with Cupid Heart?