Crossword for Kids

A Math Star Is Born…

This Crosswords For Kids game isn’t an educational game that happens to be fun, it’s a fun game that happens to be educational! That’s why we at Kiloo love this game – you can dance to upbeat jams while being cheered on by our balloon friends as you work on these fun and exciting math puzzles. You’ll be thinking, laughing, and cheering your way through each of these 20 levels.

Crosswords For Kids Is The Ultimate Quick-Thinker!

If you want to succeed in this fun kids game, you will have to quickly determine what is different between multiple, seemly identical sets of numbers. Scan quickly and decide confidently – anything that is different counts as a point! Just like in school, though, you don’t have all day to solve each problem. Beat that timer, find all of the differences, and cruise to a Crossword For Kids high score!