Crazy Switch Color

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

No, it’s not baseball, but if you don’t keep your eye on the ball in this Crazy Switch Color game, you won’t know how to make it through the next obstacle! This arcade game is as addicting as it is difficult. You have to pass your ball through moving, multi-colored obstacles to make it through each level. Whatever color your ball is, that’s the segment of the obstacle that you have to bounce through.

One Crazy Switch Color Level Down, 199 to Go

Finally made it through all the color changes and spinning loops, did you? That’s great, but there are a whopping 200 levels in this skill-based game! Be careful once you start playing, because it’s very hard to stop until you’ve beat them all. Keep bouncing, breeze through those obstacles, and ace all 200 levels to become a Crazy Switch Color master!