Crazy Runner

What Better Time Than Rush Hour?

A normal runner would say “no way” to a jaunt down the freeway during rush hour, but the Crazy Runner – well, that’s why they call him crazy! He doesn’t mind sprinting headlong into traffic, but he needs your help to get over cars and bombs (that’s right, bombs). So make sure you time each jump perfectly in this hilarious and dangerous arcade jumper, because one false move will mean game over.

If You Live For Thrills, Try Crazy Runner

Be warned, this game isn’t for those who like to think first and act later. This game is for adrenaline-seeking fanatics who would rather run than talk. If you fancy yourself a fearless adventurer, then lace up those shoes and hit the highway. We’ll meet you there. We aren’t crazy enough to come with you, of course, but we’ll meet you there. Good luck with this Crazy Runner game, and make sure you don’t trip!