CR7 Football

Dominate the Pitch!

The boots are stomping and the turf is flying in CR7 football, the game that pits your team of world-class footballers against hungry opponents looking to take the cup from you. Each match will drop you right into a fierce test of skills, because those CPU players can be very tough to beat! We love this game because it is so realistic. If you’re a true soccer fan, you’ll be delighted by how lifelike the gameplay and even the rules are. When playing CR7 football online, you can dribble, pass, shoot, weave through your opponents and take your best shot, just like a real match. Even the set pieces are the same: goal kicks, throw-ins, restarts, and so on. You’ve got ninety minutes to prove to the world that you’re ready for the World Cup. Will you rise to the challenge?

Play as Your Favorite Soccer Legends!

Are you a die-hard Ronaldo fan? Well, get ready to meet him! The Euro champion is waiting for you to pick his team so that you can claim the World Cup title. Or, if you’re a France or Belgium fan, you can show off your skills as either of these teams and many more. In fact, in this CR7 football game, you can choose from a whopping 24 teams! Prefer to play defensively? Check the stats – England and Italy are very good defensively. If you prefer the thrill of attacking soccer, you can play as either Germany or Portugal. It’s your choice who you want to lead to victory. Once you get the hang of a team’s style of play, you will be able to use their strengths to conquer anyone who dares to challenge you.  

Climb the Ranks or Play for Fun in CR7 Football!

Just like a real manager, this CR7 football game lets you coach your team through an entire tournament! With each round that you advance through, your adrenaline will be pumping that much harder. That’s what soccer glory is all about, after all – proving that you’re the best! Of course, if you just have a friendly grudge to settle with another team, you can also choose to play a friendly. Choose your team, pick your opponent, and let the fun begin. Will you be crowned champion when time is up, or will you be sent back to the drawing board? It’s all up to you, CR7 Football star.