Cowboy Shoot Zombies

You Better Be Quick On The Draw

Make sure those chaps are on snugly in Cowboys Shoot Zombies, because you’re going to run, jump, and blast your way through a nasty zombie infestation. It’s up to you and your six-shooter to defend the homestead from dozens if not hundreds of drooling, knuckle-dragging zombies who have one thing on their minds: brains! Collect as many coins as you can and blast every zombie that you see in this thrilling game.

How To Dominate At Cowboys Shoot Zombies

If you really want to get the edge over this endless zombie invasion, look for grenades. If you can manage to snag one, everyone and everything (including coins) goes BLAM-O. Better yet, if you can find your trusty horse, you will receive a significant speed boost while you plow down zombie after zombie! Don’t blink, because your reflexes are about to get tested in this Cowboys Shoot Zombies game.