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10x10 Block Puzzle

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Calling All Number Ninjas!

If you’re the mathematical equivalent of a high-powered blender, chopping and churning your way through tricky number problems in a matter of milliseconds, this cool math games category is all for you. We all do math on a daily basis, whether it’s figuring out how much time is left in recess or adding up change to get a pack of gum, but some of us are quicker than others. Speed isn’t the only thing you’ll need to beat these cool games with math, though. You’ll have to show all of the skills and strengths of a master mathematician: creativity, logic, and a whole lot of patience. Of course, not every game in this cool math games unblocked category is out to get you. You can simply have a good time with fun objectives, cool levels and other challenges, just like standard web games. 

Enjoy Our Cool Math Games Unblocked

You’re going to have enough on your plate, what with all the head-scratching, note-taking and undo button slamming – you shouldn’t have to worry about being blocked. By “blocked,” we are referring to blockers that school computers use to stop kids from playing fun games. Of all things to prevent kids from doing, shouldn’t learning be an exception? That’s why this unblocked games cool math category has found a way around it. Yup, you heard that correctly. No matter where you are, whether it’s a school library or anywhere else that has blockers, you can play! We’ve made sure of it. All you need is Internet, and you won’t have to worry about being blocked, waiting for loading times or downloading anything.  

It’s Way More Than 2+2=4

We know what it may sound like at first. Don’t worry, these are math games that are cool – they aren’t like math class at all! Sure, some of them may require you to do a little adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing, but it’s always part of a fun and engaging experience. There will always be a story, a puzzle, fun levels to play, awesome characters and so forth. Some of these cool math games online are action-based, and others allow you to sit back and solve problems. Either way, you will need to be on your toes at all times. Well, on your “mental toes,” if such a thing exists! You get the point, now let’s dive into some of the different game types in this cool math games online category that may surprise you.  

Speed, Angles and Accuracy

Who says you need to have some lengthy equation laid out in front of you to do math? Here’s what we mean by that: Every time you sink the perfect shot, bank around a corner or speed up to pass an opponent, you’re doing math. In fact, you’re doing all kinds of calculations at the same time, sometimes without even thinking about it! It takes math and physics to hop in a vehicle and ride, play a sport, or cruise through the cosmos in a space-faring vessel. These particular math games are great for helping you to have fun and learn without even trying. Sure, you’ll be trying to avoid meteors, bad guys and all kinds of other obstacles, but you won’t be thinking about math. Pretty sneak, isn’t it?  

Quick Thinking 

No problem is unsolvable if you give someone enough time. What if we put your number-crunching skills against the clock, though? We use this technique with not only our cool math games, but with a lot of our puzzle games as well. Everybody can sit there and work out a problem if they have all the time in the world, a pencil and paper, and the almighty search engine to rely on. What if we took away all of that by giving you just five seconds to make a quick decision? Click that thing. Submit the answer. Slide the piece. Whatever it is, we’re going to make you do it quickly so that you can get that brain working overtime. Will you rise under the pressure or crumple, brainiac?

High Scores Galore

Whether you’re answering questions, getting on the high-stakes action and/or racing against the clock, no cool math games category (or any other, for that matter) is complete without plenty of chances to put up on awesome high score. No matter what the category, we will always bring you the most tempting opportunities to one-up yourself and your friends. What’s harder than a game with fifty levels? A game with no levels! A game that never ends, leaving it up to you to produce a result that nobody can top. When it comes to math games that are cool, this means solving tricky problems, making it through physical challenges untouched, and doing so with plenty of time left on the clock. Will you earn a score to be proud of?

Before You Know It, It’s Automatic


First and foremost, games are for fun. This cool math games unblocked category is so fun and addicting, however, that you’re sure to learn a ton. After playing these games for a while, you just might find that you can count, add, subtract, and do all kinds of other skills faster and more accurately. It can make you better at sports, school and all kinds of other activities in your regular daily life. Show us what you can do, number ninja. We’ll keep an eye on your scores.