Good At Untangling Knots, Are You?

If your family members and friends always come to you when they need that massive shoelace knot untangled, you may be a natural at this Completed Paths game. To win at this thinking game, you have to set the puzzle in motion. Tap two tiles and they will trade places. Swap them around to open up a path. Once all of the tiles form a single, continuous path, you’re moving on to the next level!

Completed Paths Takes Leveling Up Seriously

You will notice something very quickly after leveling up a few times. Instead of one path, you will find multiple paths side-by-side! Don’t panic, you can swap the tiles between multiple paths to get past the level. That’s why we love to play this game when we want a fun and challenging puzzle – Completed Paths definitely doesn’t take long to increase the difficulty.