Color Pin

Pricks and Pokes for Points

Get ready to sling needles at a very particular pin cushion in Color Pin, the game that rewards your timing and skill. Your objective? Throw a certain number of pins into the cushion as it spins in circles. It seems easy, but you can’t let any two pins touch. You’ll soon be running out of room, and more than likely, hitting that restart button - and that’s just the beginning of the challenges!

Each Color Pin Level is Tougher than the Last

As you level up in this fun arcade game, you will find that the pins and pincushions are now multi-colored. You now have to match the pins with the colored sections of the cushion, or you lose! As the levels progress even further, you’ll find other challenges awaiting you as well. Aim well in this Color Pin game, and you just might earn a nice high score.