Color Garages

Hey Man, You’re in My Lane!

These racecar drivers can’t see colors very well with their sunglasses on, so you have to help them in this Color Garages game. Each car goes into the garage of the same color. It sounds easy, but these guys are impatient! You have to swap them around until everyone is in the same lane as their garage. They’ll even pay you in cash for your trouble! You have to be quick, though, because they love to drive fast.

Use Loot to Unlock Sweet Color Garages Cars

Once you score enough cash, you can unlock an awesome truck, a roadster, and other high-powered vehicles to add a little variety to the gameplay. We also love this game because it takes skill and quick thinking to swap the cars in time to get them all in the proper lanes. Load up Color Garages today to see what we mean!