Color Blast

Put Those Sharp Eyes To Good Use In This Color Blast Game

Flex your mental muscles in Color Blast, the game that requires you to spot clumps of identically colored blocks and smash them for points! The more blocks that you tap on at once, the bigger your score bonus will be. See that bar at the top of the screen? That’s your level progress meter. Try to fill it up in as few moves as possible. Our record is an impressive 13 moves – can you beat it?

Let It Rain Blocks!

We know it may seem easy at first, but if you want to get three stars in this Color Blast game, you will definitely have to think a move or two ahead. Once you smash the blocks, more will slide down. If you see an opportunity to create a huge clump of identically colored blocks by smashing a small clump, do it! The bonus for smashing 8, 10, or even 12 blocks at once will be well worth it, as will the 3-star rating. Ready to flex those mental muscles with Color Blast?